Industrial automation

Specialization in the integration of secure monitoring and process control systems — a software and hardware complex that includes a universal multifunctional PLC and SCADA monitoring systems. The data is transmitted via a one-way transmission module and enters the decision support system — a quality control management software package (TQM), a production process control system (MES) and a production planning complex (APS).



Industrial sensors

Temperature, current, vibration, force, torque and any other sensors.

Universal multifunctional PLC with data acquisition system

Modular system: drive control unit, visualization unit and data acquisition unit, which provides a comprehensive collection of indicators from various sensors installed on the equipment (temperature, vibration, power, torque, force sensors) and other PLC modules. The resulting array of data is used to analyze and optimize the operating modes of the equipment, diagnose the condition of the equipment, prevent emergency situations and manage product quality.

SCADA monitoring system

Monitoring system for CNC machines and universal equipment. Based on the collected data, it is possible to analyze downtime and load of equipment, visualize this information to make decisions on optimizing work. Subsequently, reschedule.

One-way communication module

The software and hardware complex physically provides data transfer in only one direction. If an attacker tries to take possession of or make changes to the collected information, then he will not physically be able to gain access due to the inability to transfer data to this circuit.

Industrial process control system

MES-solutions. Specialized application software designed to solve the problems of synchronization, coordination, analysis and optimization of output in the framework of any production.

Total Quality Management. StatAnalitika hardware and software system

The StatAnalitika system solves a wide range of tasks in the field of collecting, analyzing, visualizing and storing data obtained from production processes. It is based on the well-known and most time-consuming principles of analysis of production processes, measuring systems, product quality and risks.

Software complex for production planning

APS — planning down to the work center: production plan, shop schedules, strategic planning, etc.


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